Professional restorations are true works of art. A real professional job, that does not just require skill and ability, but also patience, sense and above all, love for the work.

The important thing is initially that the restoration adapts to the structures of the carpet as the stratification of the chain or the number of weft thread is.

Not only do the technical methods have to match, but also the materials, such as the wool and the colours need to be an match exactly.

  • Perserteppich
  • Orientteppiche
  • Chinesische Orientteppich
  • Chinesische Teppich
  • Orientteppiche
  • Kaukasischen Orientteppich
  • Teppich von Khonsari aus Persien


We professionally wash your carpet according to the traditional methods, included is a pick-up and delivery service. Trust our years of experience.

First, the rug is soaked with fresh water, then we use natural soap and wash the carpet thoroughly.

After another rinse, we drain the excess water from the carpet. The carpet is then clammped to retain its shape and left to dry.

It is important that your carpet is not treated with chemicals, so natural grease in the wool will not be lost.


Delivery Service

This service is only available in the local area.

Please call us and we will come and pick up your carpet. We will also take care of moving the furniture.

Bad Kissingen: +49 971 2239

Hol- und Bringservice